SACRAMENTO (CBS13) –Protesters surrounded the California State Capitol Saturday, calling for Governor Jerry Brown to ban the oil and gas production process known as called “fracking.”

Protest songs went on the attack.

“Hit the road frack, and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more,” protesters sang.

Thousands bused into Sacramento, some from as far away as San Diego, to show Gov. Brown their opposition to fracking.

“First of all, its taking massive amounts of water and putting chemicals in it so it can’t be re-used,” protester Dwain Deets said.

The California’s Democratic Party has already voted to support a ban.

“The governor has the ability to stop fracking right now. He can stop this and this is why we’re here today,” protester Susie Barton said.

The focus on fracking comes amidst a rejuvenation in U.S. oil and natural gas exploration.

The boom is being driven by improving technology – making hydraulic fracturing, called fracking, more viable. Fracking uses a combination of high-pressured water, chemicals and sand to blast through shale formation sand, squeezing out vast untapped amounts of oil.

Advocates of fracking say it makes the country safer by reducing dependence on overseas oil – and that it creates jobs.

These protesters say fracking an environmental risk that could lead to contamination, and continues oil dependence.

New state legislation introduced last year does require stricter regulations in California for fracking, but ordered no moratorium or ban.

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