DAVIS (CBS13) — Students at UC Davis are on edge after a man sneaked into a dorm room and crawled into a woman’s bed.

It was 6 a.m. on Monday when Shelby Sanders woke up to a stranger crawling on top of her.

Shelby, her twin sister, Savanna, and their roommate had no idea that cameras inside their UC Davis dorm caught the man dressed all in black wandering the halls as they slept.

“Then she got up, and said ‘He was on top of me; he was over me,’” she said.

“I’ve never heard anyone scream like that before,” said roommate Amanda Bogden. “I woke up, I was scared—covered my head with the blanket, because I didn’t know what was going on.”

It was then, the girls say, the man calmly slipped out of their dorm room, grabbing his jacket he’d set down.

“He could’ve been in there for awhile just watching and looking around,” Shelby said.

UC Davis Police Chief Matt Carmichael believe the man spotted on surveillance is the same man they believe had been in the dorms just hours before committing another crime.

“We recently learned there had been a theft from the same dorm the evening prior, and in that theft it included a dorm access card,” he said.

Investigators say the suspect used the stolen key card to get back into the Tercero dorms and found the girls’ unlocked door.

A campus-wide warning went out about the intruder.

Students who normally feel extremely safe, now are on the lookout for the man who robbed them of their sense of security.

“We’re definitely locking our door all the time, even though we forgot about it this time,” Shelby said. “We’re just not going to be taking any chances. It’s going to be locked constantly.”


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