CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — The Sacramento County District Attorney has dropped charges against a local stripper accused of elderly abuse.

Sabrina Kohler and Joseph Michael Dormishev were arrested in Sacramento on Monday. Both were charged with abusing an elderly man in Dormishev’s care.

Investigators said the 84-year-old man was denied food, water, and forced to live in his own filth in a Carmichael home.

Detectives say the man managed to activate a medical alert button after sitting an entire day in his own feces. The responding fire department called police, who arrested Kohler and Dormishev.

In a jailhouse interview with CBS13’s Ron Jones on Tuesday, Kohler maintained her innocence, saying she wasn’t connected to the alleged abuse, and it was her first time at the house.

“Happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” she said. “[It was a] one-night stand to be honest.”

FILE VIDEO: Elderly Man Allegedly Neglected By Caregiver In Carmichael Home

Dormishev will still face abuse charges, and will appear in court on Friday.


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