ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – The city of Roseville has issued a mandatory 20 percent water use reduction for residents in the midst of this drought.

The water restrictions require commercial customers to reduce outdoor irrigation by 30 percent.

While recent rains have helped reservoirs, officials warn the state is still at a water deficit.

Washing cars without a water nozzle is also banned. Washing hardscapes — or man-made outdoor surfaces — is also prohibited, unless doing so is required for health and safety purposes.

Like many cities, Roseville will also have crews on the street looking for water wasters.

The city says it won’t penalize people who do not reach the mandatory 20 percent cut, but says there will be fines for wasting water up to $500.

How much is 20 percent?

The average family of four uses 400 gallons a day, meaning 20 percent would be 80 gallons a day.

Turning off the faucet while each person brushes their teeth will save 2 gallons a minute, or 16 gallons in the morning and another 16 at night.

Not rinsing the dishes before loading the dishwasher will cut another 10 gallons a load.

A shower uses two gallons a minute if it’s a new shower head, meaning cutting two minutes off of showers can save another 16 gallons.

The remaining 22 gallons can be saved by cutting outdoor watering, which uses between five and 10 gallons a minute.


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