SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Five people accused of stabbing a Sacramento father to death while he tried to defend his daughter and her friends faced a judge on Tuesday.

Shannon Gregg’s family tells CBS13 they’re going to be at every court proceeding to make sure justice is served.

“It’s just really said.” Gregg’s mother Kathy Green said.

Still grieving, she and his aunt were in court to look two of the five people arrested for his vicious death in the eye.

“He was a hard worker,” Green said. “The man had just got off work climbing trees. That’s what he did as a living.”

On March 14, investigators say Shannon’s daughter and friends were walking home in the Arden area when they were harassed by a group of people.

The suspects, who have possible gang ties, followed them all the way home.

Gregg heard the commotion and came outside to break it up.

“At one point, he had them separated and we thought it was over,” his girlfriend Shelly Doyle said.

But within minutes, Shannon was stabbed multiple times, and Doyle watched her boyfriend of 16 years with whom she’s had three children die.

“It’s been hell,” she said.

Within weeks, five people were arrested for his murder—Sebastian Torres, Jose Salazar, and three juveniles.

“It is such a tragedy, and I will miss my son,” Green said.

She drove almost four hours from Yreka for Tuesday’s hearing.

Shannon’s aunt Marci Palmer feels for all the families in the courtroom.

“You can feel the tension from one side of the room to next,” Gregg said. “Because we know that he’s got family members in there. But it’s a sad situation all the way around, and nobody’s going to win.”

All five suspects are being held without bail.


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