ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Three cross-country freight train riders are under arrest for a Roseville murder mystery of a 19-year-old man.

Edward Anauo and Jules Carillo were arrested in Nebraska, while Laura Lee Kenner was arrested in New Mexico. All three were arrested Friday, Roseville Police say.

Detectives believe that all three are linked to the murder of 19-year-old Palmdale resident John Paul Alpert – who was found dead in Roseville back in March 2013.

The Roseville Police Department identified the three as suspects by researching the train hopping community. Alpert was believed to be train hopping right before he was found dead near a freight train rider’s encampment. Once the three were identified, Placer County issued arrest warrants against them and they were all arrested.

All three face homicide charges and will be extradited to Placer County.


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