ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – It was a case of curiosity carrying a cat on a perilous journey.

A 12-foot trailer had just been dropped off the Camping World in Roseville back on March 27. When workers went to do their routine maintenance, they were shocked about what they found on the roof: Max the Cat.

“So, basically, the cat was wedged right here,” said Andrew Weston.

Weston, one of Camping World’s managers, helped rescue Max. The “special delivery” was the last thing any of them expected.

“Our sales manager was on the roof inspecting it and in the middle of inspecting it, this cat started hissing at him,” Weston said.

Max, curious by nature, belongs to the previous owners of the trailer. He snuck onto the top at their home in Plymouth and somehow held on during the 60 mile trek down the highway to Roseville.

“[He] was wedged behind an air conditioner and had a satellite dome in front of it, so that kind of gave him some protection there. So it’s sitting there, looking terrified and mad at the world,” Weston said.

Weston – a self-professed cat lover himself – worked his magic to get Max down.

“It gives me a meow, so I give it a meow back,” Weston said.

Once Max realized he was good hands, the hisses turned to purrs and he was happily carried off the trailer.

Max spent the day at Camping World and was then driven home – this time inside a carrier.

“So many chances for that cat to die that day and what a happy ending,” Weston said.

As they say, cats have nine lives.

“He probably used four or five them.”


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