By Tony Lopez

DIXON (CBS13) — A teenager is putting a new twist on the political scene in the town of Dixon by running for City Council.

He’s barely old enough to vote, but Devon Minnema is asking the people to vote for him.

While most 18-year-olds are thinking about what college to attend, what job to apply for or what car they might be able to afford, Minnema is considering his campaign strategy.

His nickname in high school used to be Mr. President. Now he wants to be headed to Dixon City Hall as its newest councilman.

“I see a lot of things I can improve,” he said.

At 18, he’s barely old enough to vote for himself. But his young mind was made up months, if not years ago.

“I decided this was the year it made sense to run,” he said.

When he was 14, Devon was one of the youngest tea party organizers in the country. Now as he looks around his small town, he’s organizing his campaign and his talking points.

Sounding very much like a season politician, he says he wants to bring “A fresh perspective to the council.”

And he does bring the political prerequisite love for his town.

“Dixon is a gem,” he said.

A gem he wants to help shine. But how?

“Opening up the downtown area to different zoning rules, so that more businesses can come in to downtown,” he said.

He also wants the city to save for a rainy day.

“We have to quit wasting it on silly projects,” he said.

What isn’t a silly project, he contends, is his run for council in a city with small-town charm. The man they used to call Mr. President says he has more than just a small chance to come out on top.

“My whole life pretty much revolves around Dixon, and I’m the one that has the stake in the future,” he said.

To win, he’ll need to beat two incumbents. Since there are no districts in Dixon, the two top vote-getters win.


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