SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A former employee is saying that he has not been paid for the work he did for Sacramento businessman Kevin Manz – and he says he’s not the only one. It seems local businesses who did business with Manz are in the same boat.

“You stole, you stole, and you took from me also,” said Andy Sem, who says he’s a former employee of Manz. “He’s a crook to me.”

Manz is already accused in a civil lawsuit of embezzling more than $1.3 million from a non-profit organization that runs a local senior care home.

As chairman of the board, the suit alleges Manz funneled the cash into his private business, Pride Media – a company designed to help the gay and lesbian community.

“We’re also victims … as employees of Pride Media,” Sem said.

Sem, who worked to sell ads for Pride Media, said the money certainly never made it to payroll.

“A lot of us have bills to pay, we haven’t gotten paid, no one’s gotten paid that I know of,” Sem said.

The holdup has effectively turning Sem’s world upside down.

“I’m moving out of my house. I had to sell my truck to pay bills,” Sem said.

Beyond Pride employees, Sem says some local businesses never saw the advertising they paid for – but, still, their checks were cashed.

Midtown Sacramento restaurant Kupros confirmed to CBS13 that it paid thousands for advertising. Their checks were cashed, but the ads never showed up.

For the second time, CBS13 stopped by Manz’ home to get answers but no one answered – leaving businesses, a local non-profit and now employees wondering if they’ll ever be paid.

“He contradicted everything in his mission statement as a company and as a person,” Sem said.

CBS13 called the Sacramento Police Department Friday and they said there was a complaint issued against Manz about this or a similar situation, but they say they closed that case and did not file charges. Police could not say why, but they did say they could file charges if more information comes to light.


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