’s Chris Mannix joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about all the game ones in the NBA playoffs last weekend.

Something needs to change with the Pacers and changing up the lineup could be the answer, Mannix says. He tries to pinpoint what has gone wrong for Indiana and why they haven’t been executing their flawless offense like they were in the beginning of the season.

He talks about the Warriors and Clippers series and what LA needs to do to blow by them in the first round. Besides stopping Steph Curry, Mannix says Los Angeles needs to make sure that the rest of the Golden State roster don’t have solid games.

Rick Adelman is an underrated coach who will be in the Hall of Fame, Mannix says. He talks about Adelman’s offensive mind and coaching ways with any roster he had throughout his career. He also touches on the Knicks firing Mike Woodson and how they will look at Steve Kerr as the next head coach in New York.


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