SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Day 1 of the Fix 50 Project sent drivers scattering to find alternate ways to work as the project closed an important stretch of Highway 50.

Crews ripped away side rails to widen the half-mile stretch of the highway.

“They are going to be knocking down a lot of concrete barriers on one side,” said Dennis Keaton with Caltrans.

Crews are demolishing the rail to widen the shoulders to 10 feet, but the real issue is the deck. In the coming days, cracks will be fixed, and a new 4-inch layer of concrete will be poured on top to strengthen and improve the half-mile stretch.

“They’ve done the initial grinding,” Keaton said. “You’ll see some of the actual rebar that’s exposed because they’ve moved a lot of areas.”

The two left lanes closed meant stop-and-go traffic for the morning commute. State workers like Janice Prince were using alternate routes and leaving the house a little early.

“I was told there would be up to an hour delay, and I was concerned, so I made sure the kids were up and out of the house on time, because I didn’t want to be late for work,” the Department of Motor Vehicles employee said.

The DMV headquarters on Broadway is just two blocks from the freeway construction. Workers there are encouraged to take alternate routes, or even alternate modes of transportation. Dino Gomez rode his bike in from Carmichael.

“I thought I’d see more cyclists this morning,” he said, “but I didn’t, and I was looking for more traffic along 65th [Street] and Folsom [Boulevard].”

But it wasn’t a hassle-free day for commuters or Caltrans.

Workers mis-striped a transition lane near Interstate 5 and Fifth Street, making it one land instead of two. Caltrans realized the error around 6 a.m. and a contractor fixed it by 9 a.m.

In the Yolo County command center, police and first responders watched 14 strategically placed cameras that monitor traffic flow. Those views can shed light on the best way to get to an emergency call.

Views from those same cameras are supposed to be available on the city of West Sacramento’s website, but as of Tuesday evening, none of the streams were up and working.

“What can I say? It’s something we just started,” said Art Schroeder. “It’s Day 1, and we’re meeting with our IT people and doing any corrections.”


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