By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Brad and Rebecca Buchmiller are frustrated a single letter could cost them their 25th anniversary trip to Cancun.

Rebecca Buchmiller booked with online travel agency, but the itinerary that came back incorrectly spelled their last name “Buhmiller.” told them not to worry about it, but when the couple feared the typo might keep them from their $2,000 anniversary trip, they called Kurtis.

The Buchmillers booked the trip over the phone, after locating the trip they wanted online.

But when their email confirmation showed up days after they booked, they realized the name on the Aeromexico plane tickets was wrong

“We haven’t been alone on a vacation in 25 years,” Rebecca Buchmiller told Call Kurtis. “I would think that it would take someone five minutes.”

But adding the “C” back in Buchmiller wasn’t so easy.

“You’d like to reach through the phone and just strangle them,” Brad Buchmiller said. claimed it had alerted the airline, but wrote the Buchmillers saying their reservation “will still appear the same” and it “should not present a problem at the airport.”

The Buchmillers weren’t convinced, because airline Aeromexico told them the opposite, saying the couple couldn’t board unless both of their names were exact.

Aeromexico said the change-of-name order would cost them $150 per ticket.

Travel agent Trudy Flores of The Travel Store said, with heightened travel security, passengers’ tickets must match their passports of IDs.

“That’s not acceptable,” he said. “It needs to be changed.”

A travel agent’s typo could keep you from getting past security, Flores said.

“It wouldn’t be something I’d want to risk,” she said. blamed the mistake on a typo.

“It’s a human error. These type of errors happen all the time,” a spokesperson told Call Kurtis. “We’ve rebooked the customer with the correct name.”

But on that new ticket, the Buchmillers found another typo — this time their last name was misspelled “Buhcmiller.”

After another email from Call Kurtis, CheapCaribbean has fixed it now — a huge relief for the couple, who are now focusing on that much-deserved getaway.

“I shouldn’t have to go to this length to get them to correct what they’ve done wrong,” Brad Buchmiller said.

Airline tickets can be canceled for free within 24 hours of booking, so it’s important to check how your name is spelled in that time frame.

In this case, the Buchmillers say it took CheapCaribbean two days to email their itinerary, so they couldn’t cancel.

This may also show a benefit to booking online yourself, where you have the control. But you also have to make sure you spelled everything correctly.

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