SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Neighbors living near the Fix 50 construction are concerned about dust that has filled the air during the two-month project.

You may not be able to see it in the air, but Meta Brandon will show it to you. White and gray dust is all over her backyard, and she has no doubt where it’s coming from: Fix 50 construction.

“We get out early in the morning before it gets worse,” she said.

While she’s trying to cope, her pool is having a hard time, forcing her to clean it three times as much during the week.

“We put a plastic solar cover on it at night, and so whatever dirt blows at night, it gets quite filthy,” she said.

Dave Savalza lives just down the road on W Street. He says after early complaints, things have gotten better. But it isn’t gone entirely. And with construction about to switch sides after Memorial Day, it’s not good news for those breathing it in.

Caltrans spokesman Dennis Keaton says crews are doing what they can to minimize the airborne matter with trucks and cleaning crews. The dust comes from concrete sawing and drilling.

But the site of the work makes it tough.

“It’s unavoidable, because of this kind of work, it just accentuates it because the work site is elevated higher than the surrounding neighborhood,” he said.

Savalza says he understands the trouble.

“It’s a necessary evil, they need to do it, so we understand that,” he said. “It’s just a big inconvenience.”

There will be a reprieve coming for neighbors soon: Work on the eastbound lanes is expected to end early with all lanes open by Friday morning.


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