Tuesday afternoon on the Deuce and Jason Ross show, it’s a great day for Sacramento….the final vote is taking place tonight to start building the new arena in downtown Sacramento! Not only are fans excited for that it is also the draft lottery tonight!

Sacramento Kings play by play radio announcer Gary Gerould joins the show to talk about the city council taking their final vote on the new arena being built tonight! He talks about the journey to this night and reminisces on the hardships to get here. “To know that we are now a point that a binding agreement is hours away…wow its just really good stuff,” G-Man said while talking about tonight’s final vote finally being here after being through it all over the years with the Kings.

Sacramento Kings Isaiah Thomas joins Deuce and Jason Ross to talk about joining the draft lottery parties tonight around the city of Sacramento. He talks about giving back to the great city of Sacramento that has done nothing but given him love and support for all of his years on the Kings.



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