FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — A Fair Oaks woman reunited with the service dog she thought she’d never say again, and she’s saying thanks to the CBS13 viewers who made it possible.

Brooke Holmes left her service dog Journey back in Wisconsin so she could take care of her sick father in Sacramento.

She suffers from seizures—one just happened a couple of days ago—that Journey alerts her to before they happen. He’ll tap Brooke or circle her if she’s about to have a seizure. He’ll also pull her away from stairs or keep her from crossing the street to keep her from getting hurt.

On Tuesday, he traveled 2,100 miles to reunite with his owner on a very special day.

Holmes has waited for eight very long weeks to be reunited with him. With a limited income living on disability, she couldn’t pay for his way to Sacramento.

That’s when she reached out to CBS13 a few weeks ago.

“The donations just started pouring in the first night,” she said. “All the donations were in by midnight.”

With help from CBS13 viewers, Brooke found herself waiting at Phoenix Park waiting for Journey and his trainer.

And then the van showed up, and Brooke and Journey were finally reunited. It was a day she thought would never happen.

And it just so happened to fall on a special day.

“Today is my 25th birthday,” Brooke said.

It’s a gift from strangers who she’ll forever be grateful for.

“I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said.


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