SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — While the Sacramento Kings arena is still more than two years away, a new immersive experience will show people how it will feel to stand inside the complex.

The brand new center will highlight the luxury and technology of the future home of the Sacramento Kings.

Team president Chris Granger and the Kings are taking no breaks, introducing a high-tech center to show what the new arena will look like a day after the Sacramento City Council approved plans to get the ball rolling on construction.

“Most arenas or stadiums when they open across the country, they build a three-foot by three-foot model,” he said.

But that’s not good enough for a team owned by Silicon Valley pioneers that’s at the heart of the NBA 3.0 movement. Instead, Granger shows us a tablet model that orients itself with the logo.

“You can see what’s happening on the plaza as I move back,” he said. “I can move into the building and you can see what’s happening. You can spin around and see different areas of the building.

The sales team also has a set of virtual-reality goggles showing the view from center court where viewers can look around the virtual arena. All of these are tools to show current season ticket holders and sponsors an arena that won’t be finished until the fall of 2016.

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