TURLOCK (CBS13) — A Turlock man missing for days under suspicious circumstances suddenly shows up at his own front door after his family says he was taken and held for days.

Turlock Police confirm John Nissan was the victim of a crime, but are saying little else. His family, though revealed a terrifying ordeal for someone who, at first glance, seems to be an unlikely victim.

Nissan is probably the last guy you’d mess with. He towers above most, standing 6 feet, 7 inches tall and weighing 250 pounds.

“Someone stole and take me and my car,” he said.

English isn’t his best language, so he had his nephew come to the door.

John told his family it took several suspects to overpower him and steal his SUV. The 52-year-old says he was blindfolded, so he doesn’t know exactly where he was taken or where he’s been held the past few days.

John looks no worse for wear, at least outwardly.

“It’s just amazing how someone can come home from that and be able to pull themselves together,” said neighbor Katie Corpuz.

He hadn’t been seen since Sunday. Turlock Police thought it was suspicious: A man who rarely breaks his routine suddenly stopped showing up for work.

“We knew something happened, we didn’t know what, but we knew something happened,” said his nephew Paul Abrahim.

He says his uncle’s kidnappers dumped him out on the street in the neighborhood. He was able to walk home to a very relieved family.

Police aren’t commenting on the family’s account of what happened. In a news release, they simply say John is home uninjured and further details won’t be released for now.

His 2007 Gold Nissan Murano is still missing. The license plate is 5WZM792.


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