SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A former Cal Fire battalion chief who allegedly killed his fiancee did not enter a plea in court on his second appearance before a judge on Tuesday.

Instead, the murder case was continued until early July.

Orville Fleming did not enter a plea in his first court appearance last week. Police say he hid in the bushes near an Elk Grove neighborhood for more than two weeks after killed Sarah Douglas in the couple’s home.

The former Cal Fire chief would venture out for food at night, well-hidden during the day in the dense vegetation within shouting distance of homes, say police.

“To know it was right here is scarier than I originally thought,” said Ariel Solano who lives nearby.

Many in the Elk Grove neighborhood wondered where the fugitive was, never knowing he was close enough that someone would have spotted him from their bedroom window. But even if someone had seen him, Fleming may have blended in. He shaved his mustache, and neighbors say the homeless are known to camp out near the tracks.

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