STOCKTON (CBS13) — As people across the world mourn the death of Maya Angelou, people stopping by the Maya Angelou Library left flowers to pay their respects.

The Winfrey family stopped by the library named for her in 1996.

“Some of her poems touched my heart,” said Sharolyn Winfrey. “It meant a lot to me, because she was one of my role models.”

“I know that many, many people here in Sacramento, Stockton and around the world are mourning her loss,” said Sacramento State professor Dr. Shirley Moore.

The city says Angelou came through several times back in the 1990s to encourage young people to strive for greatness. Inside the library named for her are signed posters, many of her books she wrote and awards she’s won.

“There was no one mold you could put her in,” Moore said. “She was a poet laureate, a dedicated civil rights activist, she was a women’s rights activist, and she was a humanitarian across the board.”

Angelou was also a distinguished visiting professor at Sacramento State in 1974.

“The students gravitate to her story,” Moore said. “They like what she has to say, and there’s a real strong and deep connection.”