By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Disgraced State Sen. Leland Yee’s name is still on the ballot in the race for Secretary of State, even after his arrest and indictment.

Following his legal troubles, the remaining field for the office is filled with candidates trying to make their names known before election day.

We took those faces into a local watering hole, showing that this election seems to be anyone’s to win.

Yee’s face was the one that pierced through all the political PR to make a name in the race—only this is a case where this is such a thing as bad PR. The embattled state senator faces federal charges in an alleged gun running operation.

Even with Yee out, political columnist Steve Greenhut is watching the race closely, because it’s anyone’s to win.

“The plethora of candidates in this interesting secretary of state race might be an indication the top two is working,” he said.

An Independent and Green party member are among those seriously vying for one of the top spots in the primary. A Republican could also win in a state that currently has no Republicans in statewide constitutional offices.