PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – Ray Nutting, the El Dorado official accused of accepting taxpayer dollars to clear brush off his land and failing to disclose that money, has been removed from office, the district attorney’s office announced Friday.

Nutting served as El Dorado County Supervisor and has been the focus of a conflict of interest case stemming from his decision to accept taxpayer money to clear brush off of his own land. He also allegedly failed to declare some of the money he earned.

Back in May, Nutting was convicted of six misdemeanor counts relating to the case. The district attorney’s office tried to get Nutting to accept a plea bargain before the case went to trial, but he rejected the offer.

Nutting was found not guilty on four felony counts, and the jury was hung on a verdict for the fifth felony charge.

Friday, Nutting was sentenced for the six misdemeanor counts he was convicted of: he was removed from office and has to spend 30 days in jail. His removal from office was one of the stipulations of the plea deal Nutting rejected.

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