With the NBA Finals starting today Grant talked about who he has in the Finals and what he thinks will be the major factors for each team. Grant talked about the continued rumors about Kevin Love and whether or not he’ll be traded to the Sacramento Kings for the remaining year of his contract. Grant also talked about current baseball topics including who’s been slumping lately and the match ups this weekend for both the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants.

Grant had on Justin Tuck of the Oakland Raiders to talk about his offseason so far, how the team looks and what he expects from himself and the team going forward.

Grant also had on Ann Killion of SF Gate.com on to talk about Colin Kaepernick’s extension and whether or not the contract was worth it and how it will affect the team including the players that are also available to get new contracts or change the one they have now.

During the final hour Grant had on both Tom Morton of Haggin Oaks golf course and Rusty Hathaway of Wailea Golf Course in Hawaii to talk about golf and about improving beginner golfers stroke as well as local courses and how they play.


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