WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Records fell across the region on Monday as temperatures shot into the mid-100s.

Temperatures in Sacramento hit 107 degrees, breaking a record of 102 degrees in 1982. Modesto and Stockton also set records at 106 degrees, breaking records of 101 degrees in 1979 and 103 degrees in 1973, respectively.

The heat didn’t keep 5,000 fans from attending the Sacramento River Cats game. Whether it was a cold drink, a run through the walk-in beer fridge, or a wearable cooling system, baseball fans turned to anything they could to cool down.

When the gates opened for Monday night’s game at around 7 p.m., it was still around 100 degrees. Medics were ready in the crowd ready for any heat-related emergencies. But most of the time, problems start before they get into the ballpark.

“You see a lot of people who usually come in before the game and they’re usually already overheated,” Rick Stricklin said.

Although the stadium looked a little bare, River Cats spokesman Mark Ling says it’s not because of the weather. He says it’s never too hot for baseball.

“Our fans are pretty dedicated so whether it’s 106 or 32 and rainy people usually show up,” he said.


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