WOODLAND (CBS13) – The City of Woodland is warning water users its water supply is running out.

The city is asking people to avoid using water from 5 a.m.-9 a.m., and 5 p.m. -9 a.m. to help reduce demand during peak times.

But a big change is on the way.

Inside the gates of the facility that protects Woodland’s water, the city’s public works director is watching the water levels closely.

“We’re monitoring the situation. We are concerned,” said Greg Meyer. “[The] major challenge right now is the groundwater table is going down rapidly.”

Meyer is watching closing because, right now, Woodland only has groundwater get through the drought.

“You look down and what you have is top soil, then you have clay, then you go down to rock and sand and that’s where the water is,” Meyer said.

But Woodland’s reliance on groundwater wells only is expected to end soon.

By the end of June, Woodland will have this new water tank completed, adding 3 million gallons of available water the city will be able to pump into its system – reducing the danger of Woodland homes running dry.

“We’re really excited.  We think that this is an extremely timely time for this tank to come on,” Meyer said.

The water tank was first envisioned five years ago, and construction started a year ago – decisions made before the drought that proving wise after this year’s water shortage.

The City of Woodland also has plans to connect its new water tank to the Sacramento River. That connection will be in place in 2016.

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