Wednesday on The Deuce and Jason Ross show the guys talk about the upcoming NBA draft. They touch on the Sacramento Kings being involved in many different trade rumors and 29 teams asking for LeBron James.

The Giants have lost 11 of 14 games and are still struggling offensively as they fall to the Padres 7-2 last night, the guys touch on the worries and ask listeners how they are feeling.

The A’s fell to the Mets 10-1 yesterday. Although Scott Kazmir struggled on the mound he felt otherwise when he spoke with the media. The guys share that audio and touch on their upcoming series in Miami.

Oakland A’s Catcher Steven Vogt joins the show to talk about being called up from the Sacramento Rive Cats and what it’s like playing in Oakland. He talks about the clubhouse and how there are no egos or superstars involved which translates on the field and how they all play together. Vogt believes there’s more he needs to accomplish before he can just relax and hopes to remain on the team for the rest of the year.


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