By Cambi Brown

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Five new fireworks are debuting today as firework stands open for business.

Matthew Oliver, Senior Pastor for the Family Church in Roseville, said the “Zombie Zapper” is going to be a big hit.

“It uses laser light technology where it glows, and the flame follows after the powder,” Oliver said.

The “Zombie Zapper” has perfected laser light technology – something new to look for this year.

Oliver’s favorite firework, though, is the “Pink Diamond.”

“It will amaze you. And guys, you got to get a firework for the ladies,” Oliver said. It’s pink. Lots of colors, but lots of explosions as well.”

And if you want to spend about twenty bucks, there are a lot of options Oliver recommends.

“A buy one get one free Purple Rain, buy one get one free Jack of Hearts, Pink Diamond and couple of sparkler,” Oliver said.

By buying fireworks, citizens are helping different agencies in the Sacramento area.

“The firework booths are run by non-profits. And it’s, key, it’s vital for those non-profits to succeed,” Oliver said.

The Family Church helps run a teen center, and the money raised from the fireworks booth helps fund them for almost the whole year.

“[The center] helps to connect with kids and work with teens and continue to be a safe place for them. It’s dependent on the sales of the fireworks booth,” Oliver said.

The Fireworks Supercenter is located at the Roseville Galleria. They say they have the largest selection of fireworks in the area. Find more information at-




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