SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Six suspects have been captured in the kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teen, but the family of Mohammed Abu Khedair is hesitant about what to believe right now. They say they’ve been jerked around before when Israeli officials allegedly first lied about the teen’s death.

The last home video of 16-year-old Abu Khedair shows him dancing at a wedding with his family.

A few months later, he would be killed near Jerusalem.

“My family paid for something they had nothing to do with,” said Mohammed’s cousin Belal Abu Khedair.

Even with the announcement of the arrests in Mohammed’s murder, his family in Sacramento says they don’t believe Israeli officials have anyone in custody.

“Are you playing with our emotions? Are you playing with our family? Is this like a false justice so we can just shut up?” Belal said.

Soon after Mohammed’s death, the family experienced yet another blow when Israeli forces were captured on tape repeatedly punching Tariq Abu Khedair, who is was handcuffs. Sunday, the Palestinian-American teen was released from prison.

“You can’t say ‘resisting arrest’ and then the video comes out. How’s he resisting arrest?” Belal said.

The Abu Khedair family says if the suspects in Mohammed’s death are really in custody, they want them immediately identified and tried publicly and fairly.

“There needs to be peace, so this is a perfect way to do it,”Belal said.

And to make matters worse for the family, the murder victim’s cousin Tariq is still being accused of attacking Israeli forces after Mohammed’s death. He’s being kept on house arrest and is unable to fly home to Florida.


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