SMARTSVILLE (CBS13) — Families were forced to escape the flames of yet another fast-moving fire on Monday, as flames rushed near Smartsville.

The fire along Hutto and Keller roads in rural Nevada County burned nearly 40 acres.

In the remote and rugged terrain, Louis Silva felt a familiar sense of dread.

“Get the garden hoses out—lots of ’em—and which way’s the wind blowing,” he said.

The Hutto Fire, the latest in a string of dangerous and destructive wildfires threatened homes and forced evacuations within minutes of sparking.

Several outbuildings burned and a mobile-home was destroyed. It was a close call, but homes were saved in the area.

Even now, with the danger over, Silva is having a hard time relaxing.

“We were watching the spotter plane it was flying over the top of my house so I knew it was really close,” he said. “And yeah my heart’s still pounding.”

The fire was fueled by historically dry conditions that allowed it to spread quickly.

“Much greater now than we’ve ever seen this time of year in the history of what we’ve been doing,” said Cal Fire Chief Brad Lewis.

It’s an eye-opening and sobering perspective that doesn’t bode well for a fire season that’s far from over.

“It’s gonna be real bad,” Silva said. “I’m right now putting a sprinkler system up on my roof.”


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