By Steve Large

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The only bank robbery suspect who survived a shootout with police on Wednesday faced a judge for the first time on Monday.

Jamie Ramos is facing 35 charges for his alleged role in the robbery, chase and shootout that left the Stockton mother he allegedly used as a human shield dead.

Ramos walked into the Stockton courtroom with his arms shackled to his sides, following directions of deputies with nods of his head. The bruises on his right cheek were nearly gone, and the expression on his face seemingly timid.

His overwhelmed courtroom demeanor stands in stark contrast to his violent actions on Wednesday—murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and using a mother and wife he allegedly took hostage from the bank as a human shield.

Police say unlike the other two suspects, he survived a barrage of officer bullets because he forced Misty Holt-Singh in front of him inside a getaway car.

“They would like to see their pain go away,” said family spokesman Michael Platt. “They have thought of nothing more than trying to decide how they are going to live without a wife and without a mother.”

Charges against Ramos could lead to the death penalty.


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