SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A medical-marijuana dispensary in an East Sacramento neighborhood may be forced to shut down, despite support from staff at a nearby school.

Some say A Therapeutic Alternative doesn’t belong in the neighborhood right across from a daycare with a middle school around the corner and just steps away from McKinley Park.

What some may call a pot dispensary, Kimberly Cargile calls a pharmacy.

“All they’re doing is choosing a natural medicine,” she said. “They are not the stereotypes that people think they are.”

For five years, she’s tried to prove to neighbors and city leaders why they should stay.

While some don’t have a problem, others want to see them go.

“I don’t think it belongs in a residential neighborhood, particularly where there are lots of kids all the time,” said park-goer Maureen Sullivan.

One woman wrote to the Sacramento City Council saying, “If liquor stores can’t have a license this close to a school, I don’t think a marijuana shop should either.”

Kimberly says she’s swayed many of the opposition, and even has the support of the school staff across the street.

“We have 50 different rules patients have to abide by,” she said. “It’s turned out that we’re actually really helpful. We have security guards that keep an eye on their building at all times.”

It’s now up to city leaders on whether they can continue to operate. And workers will soon find out if their only alternative is to shut down.

“I would be devastated along with our thousands of patients, our 30-plus staff members,” she said.

The council will decide whether the building can be rezoned as a commercial business—currently it’s just operating as an office. The dispensary has already won approval from the planning division, and police say there have been no problems there.

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