TURLOCK (CBS13) – Two women are under arrest on fraud charges after they tried to withdraw some money from a bank with a fake debit card.

The two women, 26-year-old Porcha Bush and 18-year-old Ashley Fambrough, are said to have walked into a Turlock Wells Fargo Bank back on Monday to try and withdraw money. A teller ran the card, but it was declined and a “fraud alert” notification soon followed, police say.

Officers soon showed up at the bank and found the women in a car outside. Police say that during their investigation of the two women, more than 30 fraudulent credit cards were found inside the car.

Bush and Fambrough, both Fresno residents, were arrested. Bush faces charges of commercial burglary, attempting to pass a counterfeit card with intent to defraud, while Fambrough faces possession of account information for another’s credit card with intent to commit fraud charges. Both also face a conspiracy charge.

The fraudulent credit cards have been booked as evidence, police say.

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