NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had the opportunity to send a powerful message that domestic violence is not OK. He failed to do so as he handed a two-game suspension to Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Let me get this straight: A player can allegedly knock out his soon-to-be wife, drag her unconscious body out of a casino, and the punishment is a two-game suspension? A $58,000 fine?

Meanwhile, players are getting four-game suspensions and in some cases 16-game suspensions for lighting up a blunt.

Eagles tackle Lane Johnson on Tuesday was suspended four games for violating the league’s policy on PEDs.

Ray Rice was suspended two games for domestic violence.

Former NFL player Albert Haynesworth was popped for five-games for stomping on Andre Gurode’s head during a game in 2006.

Ray Rice was suspended two games for domestic violence.

You get the point?

It makes little sense and leaves former players, media members and fans scratching their heads wondering what on earth the NFL is thinking. It’s time for the NFL to reevaluate how they hand out suspensions.

The outrage seen all over social media on Wednesday doesn’t seem to matter to the league. Are you going to stop holding fantasy football drafts? No. Are you going to stop watching games on Sundays? No.

The NFL won’t listen to criticism about its product, punishments, and officials until they know they’re losing fans. The league thinks it’s invincible and unfortunately they may be right.

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