Tuesday on The Deuce and Jason Ross Show the guys talk about the Giants falling to the Pirates last night, giving San Francisco their 5th straight loss. They share some post game audio from Madison Bumgarner and Giants manager Bruce Bochy and talk to fans.

It’s TRUTH OR TRASH Tuesday! Morgan read statements like: This will be the year Frank Gore’s numbers drop, A’s fans should be concerned about the latest injuries and Johnny Manziel wont start a game this season. Deuce & J-Ross debate and fans help too to determine what’s truth and what’s trash!

Jerry Reynolds joins The Deuce and Jason Ross Show to talk about what he does during NBA off-season, DeMarcus Cousins training with team USA, Isaiah Thomas being traded to the Suns and rookie Nik Stauskas’s struggles defensively.

Super Bowl Champ Joe Theismann joins the show to talk about all the latest going on in the NFL. He talks about the relationship between a coach and the executives, why the Raiders need a young QB and has some advice for Johnny Manziel.


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