I love how people insist on hating just to hate. Let’s take LeBron James, for example. James has been one of the most scrutinized athletes, even before he put on a Cavaliers jersey. In a lot of cases, he deserved the hate. The self proclaimed “King,” the chosen one. The way he left Cleveland hanging, making “The Decision.” I get why a lot of people dislike LeBron, but a good majority of people like to hate people who are on top. People hate greatness, but the most recent LeBron hate has me laughing and throwing my hands up asking, “why?” Remember how he was ripped for cramping up in the game 1 of the Finals? As if he fought all year to make it to the biggest stage possible, just to give up down 2 with 4 minutes to go. As if that was his ultimate goal. I heard people calling him a coward, saying he was faking it – pretty much the most idiotic things possible. Then he gets crushed on how he handled his decision to go BACK to Cleveland. I heard people say that despite the humility and honesty he showed in his essay he wrote, that he owed Miami more. That he took the cheap way out. That it wasn’t sincere. As if no matter what he did, he was wrong. I don’t get it.

It doesn’t stop at LeBron. Look at Johnny Manziel – Johnny Football’s dedication was questioned because he took some time to hang with Justin Bieber in Vegas before camp started. Instead of spending his free time at a pool, he should of been studying the playbook – how dare him! The only thing we should question is his choice in friends, not his dedication. It’s his free time. Is the media circus that is ESPN or TMZ following him around his fault? I’m just tired of all these mouthpieces, these faceless, nameless cowards on Twitter ripping guys – and because of what? Because they’re doing something we wish we were able to do? Because they’re on top and we’re not?

I know that to the few of you who are actually taking the time to read this have to be questioning how Little Joe, the angry ball of hate, could be writing this. How could the guy that Dane Cook blocked be calling out the haters. And to that I say… good question. In reality, not even I hate Dane Cook. Sure I had fun, but I don’t hate the man. Maybe as I get older I just don’t get why we work ourselves up in hating others. I’m all for being critical of athletes when they deserve it. I’ll be the one to throw the first jab. But for hanging out at a pool or writing an essay? Please, stop it.

As I do more shows, and the more my voice is on the air, I too come across the hater every now and then. Before, I was ready to invite them down to the studios to ask them what’s up. These days, I just laugh it off. When someone with an egg as their Twitter avatar and some ridiculous fake name hides behind their keyboard taking shots at me, it’s amusing. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I do suck, but at least I’m sucking at something I love to do. At least I’m giving it a shot and I’m not scared of taking a chance to make it, knowing failure is a real possibility. I’m pretty sure that most of these haters didn’t follow their dreams because they’re too scared of coming up short. I’d rather fail trying to do what I love to do then be mediocre at something I don’t enjoy. So for that, continue to hate and I’ll continue to laugh. Thanks for the motivation.


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