SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Patients are seeking chiropractic care for more than just back and neck pain—some are using chiropractors for sports injuries and migraine relief.

Arturo Fernandez is a crossfit gym owner battling through old shoulder injuries.

“Just from being in the army, from doing a lot of push-ups, from carrying gear, I just lost a lot of range of motion,” he said.

Matt bunch has suffered migraines for most of his life.

“Severe head pain is really the main symptom,” he said.

Both are finding relief at East Sacramento Chiropractic instead of their primary care physician.

Dr. Chip Studley is one of many chiropractors taking on more than just the typical neck and spine issues these days.

“In some cases, the scar tissue is a little external, where i can get access to it,” Studley said.

He’s certified in Active Release Technique, where practitioners pin the muscle down, then stretch is under pressure with their thumb. ART is designed for just about every body part.

“By doing that you’re kind of realigning the scar tissue fibers in a way that’s more functional. that actually goes with the fibers of the muscle,” he said.

Fernandez has trouble getting his arms to rotate all the way above his head, which is a big problem for a guy who competes in crossfit competitions.

Fernandez says the treatment can be intense, but he saw results right away.

“Maybe this much range of motion, but since I’ve been working with Chip, I’ve been able to go a little bit further,” he said.

Bunch started coming to Studley years ago after seeing other doctors on and off for migraines.

“Not wanting to take a medicine every single day, not wanting to be cloudy, and not wanting to take much of heavy painkillers,” Bunch said. “When I do get one, I wanted to try something different.”

Research shows chiropractic treatment can reduce the severity and frequency of migraines in some people

“All of that stress that’s in the shoulders is pulling, if you will, on the base of the skull, causing people to have tension headaches,” Studley said.

Bunch says the adjustments worked for him.

“About one migraine a month or more, to going several months, or even a year without a migraine,” he said.

After a few initial treatments, patients only need to come in when they have another migraine, but some choose to get an adjustment once a month to keep the severe headaches at bay.

“I’ve actually gotten my mom into chiropractic, gotten a few other relatives and friends into chiropractic for their migraines,” Bunch said.

Both treatments for migraine and the injuries requiring ART come with homework, including stretches patients can do at home to help even more.

When it comes to ART, Studley says unless you reinjure yourself, the results are supposed to be permanent.

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