When LeBron James wrote his “essay” announcing his return to Cleveland, he named players he’s excited to play with…Andrew Wiggins name was never mentioned. I wasn’t the only one, I know, but I immediately took that as the Cavs were shopping Wiggins for Kevin Love. This morning Yahoo Sports reported that a deal trading Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins was agreed upon by Minnesota and Cleveland, and that Kevin Love will sign a 5 year extension with the Cavs.

If you’re Minnesota and you know that Kevin Love is NOT signing with you in the off season, why not trade him for the number 1 overall pick? This seems to be the rare trade that benefits both teams. LeBron gets his new “Big 3” and Minnesota gets the number 1 pick in his first year of his rookie contract, not to mention last years number 1 pick in Anthony Bennett.

So, with all that said the simple question is, does this move now make the Cavaliers the favorites to win it all? Also, did LeBron make the right move in trading Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade for Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love?

If you ask me, LeBron James played his hand pretty smart. Do you agree?


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