FOLSOM LAKE (CBS13) — A Roseville woman is asking for help to find the dog she needs to help her hear.

Tessa was last seen on Saturday near Folsom Lake. It’s not known whether the dog ran away or was taken. Either way, Sarah Himmelmann and her boyfriend Matt Idler are offering a no-questions-asked reward for her return.

The couple was at Folsom Lake for the fourth straight day on Tuesday looking for Tessa. She was last seen Saturday night near the Granite Bay boat launch.

“We were cleaning out the boat, you know. and she got in the car. And then we took off and we realized she was missing and we turned around and we came back,” Sarah said.

Tessa’s no ordinary family pet. She alerts Sarah, who has lost her hearing, to sounds like doorbells, Sarah’s kids, and even oncoming cars.

“She knows my voice; she knows my boyfriend’s voice; she knows us and she comes to us when we call her,” she said. “She is always there you know, so it doesn’t make sense that she’s not coming back yet.”

Placer County Animal Control Manager Mike Winters says she’s done all the right things to make sure Tessa had her tags and was microchipped.

For now, the couple continues their search. If you have any information, text Sarah at 916-749-9579

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