SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Public health officials were quick to note at a teleconference Wednesday that the Ebola virus does not pose a risk to California.

Dr. Gil Chavez with the California Department of Public Health, commenting on the person being treated at Kaiser South Sacramento Hospital for a possible Ebola exposure, reiterated that the patient is “low risk.”

“It is unlikely that Ebola poses a significant public health risk to California at this time,” Chavez said.

Chavez and other officials would not comment on the reasons why the patient is considered low risk.

Blood samples taken from the patient, who has not been identified, have been shipped to the Center for Disease Control headquarters in Atlanta. Results on from the tests are expected in three days.

In case the Sacramento patient somehow does test positive for Ebola, health officials noted that they have already been in contact with the person’s loved ones.

Officials would not comment on what country the patient may have traveled to.

According to numbers from CDC, suspected and confirmed cases of Ebloa in West Africa are numbered at 2,240. Of that count, there have been 1,229 deaths due to the virus.

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