TRACY (CBS13) — Parking restrictions on East 12 Street and Berverdor Avenue keep high school students and their parents out of the neighborhood and homeowners couldn’t be happier.

“Absolutely wonderful. It is wonderful,” said homeowner Stella Rickman.

Last year, neighbors said traffic was out of control on the narrow streets. Tracy High School is across the street and its students and their parents would use the neighborhood as a loading zone when the school bell lets out the classes.

“I would honk my horn to go out of my driveway and they would ignore me,” said Rickman. “Simply ignore me.”

“I think it was the kids trying to park along the streets so they don’t have to be crammed or smashed when they’re leaving the school,” said Berverdor Avenue homeowner Alyssa Martinez.

The woman who led the neighborhood petition to city hall works for the school district. Outside of her home, she has an orange cone in her driveway and a homemade sign about parking permits.

The signs in the neighborhood require parking permits from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Neighbors noticed more police patrols this year citing drivers.

“They won’t move, they’ll just sit there and then get backed up and no one can move either way,” said Rickman. “and so they [police] just pull them over and give them a ticket.”

“We can park in front of our own houses now so that’s good,” said Martinez.

By 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, the streets were clear, but some neighbors are skeptical the parking restrictions will work throughout the school year once sophomores get their drivers’ licenses.


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