SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento hospital patient has tested negative for the Ebola virus, state health officials announced on Thursday.

Doctors and public-health officials said tests sent to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta came back negative.

The patient was considered low-risk from the beginning, but was placed in a special, negative pressure room where doctors wore protective clothing to prevent the potential spread of the disease.

Doctors credited state and county public health agencies and the CDC, saying this case is proof the system is working.

“Their coordinated response and support was essential in swiftly ruling out Ebola in our patient,” said Dr. Richard Isaacs with Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento.

The hospital remains tight-lipped about many of the details, citing privacy laws. They would not disclose where the patient is now, what illness they may have had, and when the negative test results came in.

Meanwhile, the California Department of Public Health emphasizes there are no confirmed Ebola cases in California, and no patients at any hospitals statewide are considered high-risk.

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