The Seahawks may have the loudest fans and the best home field advantage but the Green Bay Packers fans are the best fans in the NFL, according to

The 49ers and Raiders did not crack the top 10 list. The rankings are based on several factors including attendance, TV and radio ratings, merchandise sales and social media reach.

Here’s the Forbes top 10: 1. Packers 2. Broncos 3. Saints 4. Patriots 5. Ravens 6. Colts T-7. Cowboys T-7. Steelers 9. Seahawks 10. Bears

What about the fans who put up with pain and suffering? You don’t have to buy jerseys, watch games and tweet about your team to be considered a great fan. Can you blame Browns fans for not going to every game? Or Raider fans for not watching every second of a game? These fans are definitely loyal but they’ve put up with a lot of crap.

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