By Kurtis Ming

Sacramento City College student, Alex Delgado, should be studying. But, instead he is making yet another call to Google.

“Why can’t you return my money?” He asked Google’s customer service representative. “Is there a way you can give me my money today?”

Alex transferred all his financial aid into Google Wallet; it’s a mobile payment system.

He said its debit card and mobile app helped him track his spending.

Then, without warning, Google Wallet closed his account.

What was the reason? Google emailed Alex and said he “…does not comply with our terms and conditions.” However, they would not say what he did to cause the account to close.

Alex was cut off from the $1,109.55 he had in his Google Wallet account.

“I need access to that money,” Alex said. “It pays for my rent, it pays for my food [and] it pays for my bills.”

He called customer support. When that didn’t work, he emailed and demanded his money back.

Alex panicked as the months passed.

CBS13 contacted Google and within days Alex had his money.

So, what can you do if contacting customer service just isn’t working?

Lindsey Turrentine with CNET said take it public, either in a forum or using social media.

“That’s probably going to be the most effective way to solve a problem that you’ve tried every other way to solve,” Turrentine said.

When posting your complaint online, Turrentine said try to be nice – don’t attack the company. Also, tell your story and make it personal.

“You’re probably going to get some people paying attention to you,” she said.

As for Alex, while he may have his money back, he’s done dealing with Google Wallet.

“I thought it was convenient, but I now officially take that back.” He said.

Why did they close Alex’s account? After we got involved Google gave him an answer. They told him it was tied to a joke he wrote in the memo line of a money transfer.

We also asked Google Wallet if there was a way to escalate issues, other than contacting customer service. They told us “no comment”.


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