By Steve Large

SEATTLE (CBS13) – Sacramento knows that Republic FC has a strong fan base, now Seattle knows it too.

It’s turned from a civic movement to a civic mission.

“When this type of energy builds up, it tells you something,” said Republic fan Luis Huerta.

Republic fans showed up in force for the season opener far from home in Seattle – with its Pikes Place Market, original Starbucks and spectacular skyline.

But scenery took a backseat to soccer for this group.

Republic fans are doing all they can to show Major League Soccer their minor league team deserves a major league expansion franchise.

“Sacramento has proven to be more than MLS soccer material,” Huerta said.

Seattle fans stood and stared.

“I wouldn’t waste the money to do it, for a second team but that’s all right, do what you want,” said Seattle Sounders fan Tom Burford.

Before the game, a gathering at a local brewery celebrated the start of the Republic’s new season.

“We have what, 150 people here? Nobody else travels like that,” fan John Garibay said.

Republic soccer is back with a message for the MLS that seems to be louder than ever.

The club did lose the game 4-2. Their first home game at Bonney Field is scheduled for April 11 against the LA Galaxy-2.


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