AUBURN (CBS13) — She’s called The Butt Lady of Auburn and she’s proud of it.

Sally Dawley takes to the streets every day with a mission to clean up cigarette butts left behind.

“I got tired of seeing cigarette butts everywhere,” she said.

She’s known to many around town as The Butt Lady Of Auburn, something she says she brags about. She spends a few hours every day sweeping up after smokers.

“They are inconsiderate and uncaring,” she said.

She checks every crack and crevice, all while keeping count on her clicker. She sets out every day, armed with a broom, dustpan, and a bright T-shirt with an important message.

Her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by nearby business owners.

“I admire that a great deal; one person making up the difference for everyone,” said Rick Trandem.

Since she started just seven months ago, she’s collected and counted more than 100,000 cigarette butts. Every two weeks she reports her numbers to the City Council.

While her mission and message is to keep Auburn beautiful, the city says she is also providing a public safety service.

“What doesn’t get picked up goes into our storm drain system, and that’s a concern to us,” said Bernie Schroeder. “So we like the fact that she takes the effort to do what she does.”

Sally says her efforts have become more than a hobby. She’s actually picked up a habit.

“I’ve left my house without my stuff and I’m seeing butts everywhere, and i say ‘OK I can’t take it,’ so I go back home and I get my equipment,” she said.

She hopes more will be inspired to get behind her community project.