In light of Mike Freeman’s anonymous survey of NFL executives in which one faceless, nameless hero said of Colin Kaepernick’s protest that “he hasn’t seen this much collective dislike among front office members regarding a player since Rae Carruth,” here’s an incomplete list of NFLers (former and current) that are more hateable than a guy that decided to sit during a song:

– Rae Carruth – Conspired to murder his pregnant girlfriend

– Darren Sharper – Serial rapist

– Aaron Hernandez – Life sentence for murder

– Adrian Peterson – Beat his son with a tree branch

– Greg Hardy – Beat his girlfriend, threatened her with his collection of guns, and intimidated her from testifying against him

– Ray Rice – Knocked out his wife in an elevator (and faced a mere two-game suspension before the video was publicly released)

– Josh Brent – Killed a teammate while driving drunk

– Donte Stallworth – Killed a pedestrian while driving drunk

– Ray Lewis – Pled out of a double murder charges

– Tank Johnson – Illegal weapons charges

– Jim Irsay (OWNER OF THE COLTS!) – Lots of pills, lots of cash, lots of driving

– Dr. David Chao (former Chargers team physican) – Medical malpractice, illegal prescriptions, and DUIs

– Peter King (SI writer) – Witless rube and unofficial mouthpiece of the NFL

– Roger Goodell – Ham-fisted thumb-with-a-wig purveyor of morality

Again, an incomplete list. The NFL is a house of boobs, and Colin Kaepernick is simply the food at the buffet. If that’s your focus, you’re there for the wrong reasons, and why choose that hill to die on?


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