Rancho Cordova Man Says CHP Fix-It Ticket Adds Insult To Injury After Crash

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — A Rancho Cordova husband and father is fuming over a fix-it ticket he says adds insult to injury.

A violent crash sent Darold Parcon’s wife and daughter to the hospital. Both suffered concussions, and his wife also broke several ribs.

He’s relieved they are recovering but he’s outraged with the CHP for sending him a ticket for not providing proof of insurance.

“We just got this letter, saying you guys got a ticket for not providing proof of insurance on this horrible day,” Parcon said.

Parcon says a photo inside the mangled SUV shows his family car insurance and registration in the passenger seat.

“It was there, but then again we get this ticket,” Parcon said.

The CHP Collision Manual reads:

“Each officer has the responsibility to develop report writing and investigative skills that will lead to high quality and professional documentation of collisions.”

A CHP spokesperson saud officers are required to issue tickets if no proof of insurance is identified.

“I think this should never ever, ever be an issue or concern for any family, to worry about during this time,” Parcon said.

Parcon says he’ll now pay the fee and show his proof to traffic court.

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One Comment

  1. Lee says:

    RE CHP: Mighten it be “OFFICER Tandy?” My son had truck stolen. As he was on the line to the bank–and Tandy was scribbling away–Tandy did nothing when told WHERE the thief was. Couple days later family was in auto accident. Same guy, Tandy. They were hit so hard they were flung into on-coming traffic and Tandy found for the speeder!! He needs to retire.

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