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Couple Accused Of Breaking Into Trailer, Having Sex, Stealing Medieval Reenactment Items

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – A Nevada County couple was accused of having sex inside a medieval reenactment trailer used for storage and then allegedly stole two swords and a dagger worth thousands.

It happened Friday and wasn’t the only crime committed.

“There was a guy there looking like a deer in the headlights at my camera and took off running,” said Scott Meadows, who had video of a man trying to break into his car.

A few weeks ago he watched as a thief took off with their bike and said enough’s enough and installed cameras.

“It was really creepy with having all the babies and kids around,” said Erica Meadows, who has five children. “It’s not comforting [with] other people walking around breaking into our stuff.”

Police said that man was arrested for prowling and that same night, another couple down the way was arrested for much more.

“They have been arrested multiple times. At least four times last couple weeks alone,” Sgt. Brian Blakemore said with Grass Valley Police.

Alfred Gonzales and Ashlee Dalton were caught once again only this time, police said they broke into a medieval reenactment trailer across the street, had sex, then stole two swords and a dagger worth thousands of dollars.

“This is not a random citizens collection, this is a collection of these people use in order to get back to the community and it’s really sad that they ended up being victimized in this way,” he said.

Blakemore said these criminals steal to support their habit.

“Heroin use is out-of-control now more than it ever has been,” he added.

While it’s becoming a growing issue across the country, Blakemore said people need to want to stop.

“Every time they get out we just keep seeing them connected to more and more robberies,” he said.

You can better protect yourself by keeping your doors locked – and for Meadows, he said it pays to have cameras.

“I definitely feel safer knowing that when there is motion in and around my property that I’m awake and aware of it,” Meadow said.

The two swords and dagger were exact replicas from medieval times.

The couple admitted to breaking into the trailer, but not to stealing those items.

Contact Grass Valley Police with any information.


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