Boys Arrested In Connection With Robbery Attempt In Yuba City

YUBA CITY, Calif. (CBS 13) – Yuba City Police are investigating an attempted robbery while Marysville police are investigating two additional robbery incidents in their area. Neither agency believes they are related at this point, but they’re still collecting evidence.

“It’s horrible, I won’t even let my 3-year-old daughter come outside,” said one mother of two, who was too afraid to reveal her name. “Around here, they know who you are? And then you won’t be around for long.”

She told CBS13 that she thinks gang activity is on the rise in her neighborhood. And after what she saw on Monday night, she is ready to move.

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“Me and my boyfriend came outside and we were out on our balcony and we seen two guys running down the street and then about five minutes later, we saw cops coming down the street,” the woman said.

According to Shawna Pavey, Operations Support Manager with Yuba City Police Department, two boys were arrested on Monday night. Pavey said the two, aged 11 and 12 years old approached a man on the street and asked him for a cigarette. Then one of them pulled out a gun and demanded money. The man told the two he didn’t have any and ran inside of his home to call the police.

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Yuba City investigators haven’t ruled out a gang connection and are still on the hunt for the gun. Meanwhile, six days earlier, Marysville Police Department made its own arrests. A different 12-year-old and a 15-year-old were taken into custody after attempting to flee from a stolen vehicle. Their arrests occurred 45 minutes after an attempted armed robbery that began with two males asking someone for a cigarette.

“That’s too coincidental and too close,” said Teresa Reisinger.

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As a mother of a teenager, she believes it’s up to parents to make sure they take an active role in their children’s lives.

“What are these kids really doing and where are their parents while they are doing it?” she wondered. “I’m sorry but I know where my 13-year-old is all the time.”

Reisinger says the ongoing teachers’ strike has disrupted the kids at school, and she believes there should be more programs to occupy the kids in a positive way. Police have made no connection between the strike and these crimes.

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One Comment

  1. It’s a lead pipe cinch these little fools aren’t intelligent enough to read a book or coordinated enough to play baseball, football or basketball.

  2. Ken Valley says:

    Well, the citizens of MexiFornia can thank their left-wing DemoRAT politicians for all the crimes and massive illegal immigration and high taxes. This State has become a Soclalist State, where illegals are welcome, as long as they vote DemoRAT! When, you welcome these illegals who are uneducated and give them everything for free, all they’ll do is wanting more and more. So, you all can thank dip$ht Jerry Brown and Gay Davis for all their doing.

  3. Doesn’t Matter if Schools are open or Not……..Kids don’t learn anything from books anymore, send them to Prison, at least they will remember what they learned there…….

  4. David Go says:

    Are these the poor oppressed minorities who the police murder every day? How come the police didn’t shoot them dead? Were they out of bullets? If only minorities would respect society.

  5. Russ says:

    More “dreamers” that our governor keeps inviting in.

    1. secret says:

      yep, and take God out of the public square and this is the result.

  6. Carley says:

    And the Democrats continue to preach that we are stronger through diversity….

  7. Rich001 says:

    Good. The democrats brought this mayhem on themselves. And this is nothing compared with the anarchy and violence that inevitably will come when they run out of money and are forced to cut back on their ridiculous social welfare programs.

  8. ImBlue says:

    Thug life. No justice, no peace. Black lives matter. Where my reparations at?

  9. Rich001 says:

    A teacher’s strike has absolutely nothing to do with these crimes and any official who even mentions that as a reason should be terminated for stupidity & incompetence. These kids have been brought up to have no respect for authority or anyone else, and often have been brainwashed with a victim mentality and, in turn, a sense of entitlement. I think we need to start holding parents criminally responsible for acts of children under a certain age. In any event, put them in jail with forced labor until they are 21 year old. If they are illegals, deport them and their parents immediately and confuse ate all their assets in compensation.

  10. independent_forever says:

    Yeah, where the H*LL are the parents of these young boys???? It’s ridiculous in this country. Parent’s should be held personally responsible and go to prison….maybe this will start getting them to reign in their little precious hoodlums. BUT then how can adult criminals be good role models. I doubt any of the parents of these sorts of kids are up-standing citizens who pay taxes and otherwise are productive….give me a break….when nearly 1/3 of this country are parasites taking from the system, living of the govt handouts they get, are unwilling to work, and essentially living off the backs of others does it surprise anyone their kids follow suit?

  11. Um, it’s not up to the government to provide any “programs.” It’s up to the kids to watch their kids.
    I would like to know if these gangs are latin in nature. Perhaps, they are kids of illegals? Nah, nothing to see here. Move along…

  12. ZenitFan says:

    12, 13, 15 — that’s nothing. Four years ago a 7-year-old took part in a home invasion in the Philly area. About the same time a 13-year-old in AL pointed a loaded gun at a man exiting his car and said “Get out and give it up!” Fortunately the would-be victim had his own (legal) gun and shot the thug dead.

    This being Crazifornia, the thugs know they are the only ones with guns. Same thing in Chicongo.

  13. ROBERT HAMMONS says:

    We need to stop the insane policy of not publishing the names of little punks. Publish their names parents names and their addresses.

  14. Jose Jimenez says:

    Democrat voters-in-training.

  15. John Xonk says:

    Geez, I wonder what race these “young teens” are? PC news will not say. But we all know who they are and who is causing 99.999% of all crime.

  16. Ima says:

    Liberals in training.

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