SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Drivers may not be getting what they’re paying for when it comes to premium gasoline, according to an American Automobile Association study.

The AAA fuel study found that drivers whose cars didn’t require premium gas saw no fuel economy benefits beyond what they would get from regular gas.

In all, the company estimates drivers wasted $2.1 billion on premium gasoline in the last year. That’s based on 16.5 million drivers who use premium gas in cars that don’t require it.

Drivers should consult their owner’s manual to make sure their car doesn’t require a higher grade of gasoline.

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  1. Gary says:

    Agree, with normal driving driving conditions. BUT, I wish they would have also done research on mileage of Reg87 v Premium91 or 89. I’ve run test in my vehicles over the years at various times of the year with the same manufacturer.
    When I make my runs to Lake Tahoe I’ve found that running 89 or a mix of 87/91 gives me 3-5 mpg better mileage. Less throttle because of the higher Octane and also better power when it’s needed especially at the altitude. I’ve checked with actual fill up, mileage to gallon ratio and the onboard computer. I’m new at this, because I’ve only been driving since 1964 and have wrenched on every car or motorcycle I’ve owned, so I could be wrong.
    Another cheap insurance and help with mileage is to forget what the manufacture suggests on air filters and oil changes. Check the air filter every couple months, blow it out or change it when you see dust/dirt in it. I change mine late spring and end of Summer and blow it out everytime I check it every two months.
    Oil doesn’t breakdown, but it gets dirty and that dirt wears the engine. There are anywhere from 2000-3000 explosions per minute inside an engine while driving. that’s about 150,000 booms inside your engine in a one hour drive, takes me 2 hours to get to Tahoe; do the math. I change my oil filter when the computer says the oil life is 70% and top the oil off. I change the Oil and Filter at 40-50%. If you don’t have a computer, change the oil filter at 2500 and top off the oil and change the Oil and filter at 5000. It’s cheap, you’ll get better mileage and you engine will last.
    And check your tire pressure every few weeks, changes in temps affect the tire pressure, low air pressure equals less mileage.

  2. I have a old 1991 Nissan Sentra and if I use 87 octane gas, one of the four fuel injectors will get clogged, and eventually, the rest of the injectors had I continued using regular gas. Moving up to Mid-grade or Premium resolves this issue.

    1. Gary says:

      When was the last time you changed your fuel filter? I took my Escape to a local Wayy World and for 19.00 they ran a fuel cleaner directly into the fuel line right in front of the injectors. I had a 5 gallon increase in MPG.

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