By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The fundraising event for Seeds of Hope quickly turned into a brawl Wednesday night, with Mayor Kevin Johnson taking a pie to the face.

The suspect tells us not only did he do it, but he would do it again.

“Grabbed [Johnson] and threw a pie at him, and in doing that Kevin just reached right around went the momentum and threw him to the ground,” Bobbin Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney had a front row seat.

“He did not wait to have a second, he was brave and he took this person down immediately,” Mulvaney said.

Local occupy activist Sean Thompson was quickly detained, but witnesses say they stood there stunned wondering why he did it.

FULL INTERVIEW With Sean Thompson

“I felt the pressure to do something that I thought would symbolize and embarrass him, so I decided to throw a pie in his face,” Thompson said.

From jail, Thompson told the media he wanted Johnson to do more for the homeless in the city.

“If he had put the energy that he put into that arena, we would have so few problems left in the city,” Thompson said. “I mean it would be a utopia compared to what it is right now.”

Sitting stitched and now in jail, Thompson says he was tired of not being heard.

“I said, ‘You need [to] better represent your people,’” Thompson said.

As for the mayor fighting back, Thompson says it was in excess – but some witnesses say the mayor was spot on.

PHOTOS Of Kevin Johnson Being Hit By A Pie (From Sac Mag)

“The mayor is not thinking about being politically correct when he’s wrestling with someone who just assaulted him, he’s fighting. He doesn’t know if he’s fighting this guy or if he has a weapon. There’s no soft gloves in that kind of game,” Mulvaney said.

Thompson said he use a coconut cream pie so that, just in case he backed out, he would at least eat it.


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